Chairman's Welcome

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 Chapter Chairman

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website of ASIS Jamaica.

Our chapter received its Charter in 1980 and has grown steadily, guided by our mission of the continuous development of our members in one of the most important industries in Jamaica.

The last few years have been a particularly productive period for us, under the Chairmanship of Capt. (Ret’d) Basil Bewry CPP, PCI, PSP, as it established the characteristics and laid the foundations on which we will continue to work.

(ARVP Capt. (Ret'd) Garth Grey CPP, PCI, PSP presents a special token of appreciation to Basil on behalf of the Chapter) 

Under my Chairmanship and with the dynamic and motivated Executive chosen by our membership we intend to further strengthen the network of skilled practitioners in Jamaica, regionally and internationally.

Today, ASIS Jamaica represents a healthy and solid foundation for the growth of the association. Our long and eventful history, our strong presence in key sectors of the Jamaican industry, the methodical expertise of our people but, most of all, our dedication and hard work, give us the capacity to meet the challenges of the industrial security and public safety threats we face.

The continued growth and development of the security industry will be driven by Training, Webinars, Seminars, Certification and Networking events. We are drawing on our country’s potential, primarily its people, but also innovative technologies as we aim to enhance and promote asset protection and loss prevention solutions that can compete around the world.

Visitors, please feel free to use our site for general information about the chapter and about the security industry in Jamaica.


Chapter Chairman Warren Smith CPP, PCI, PSP


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