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Letter Of The Day | Let Us Observe The Health Protocols


Published:Thursday | September 24, 2020 | 12:08 AM


History will always teach us lessons, we only need to look back and learn. The Bible also tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. Pandemics are not new to the world. History will recall the Spanish flu (H1N1) in 1918 that lasted over two years, infected over 500 million and killed over 50 million; the 1957 H2N2 flu virus, resulting in the death of over 1.1 million globally; and the 1968 H3N2 influenza virus, with over one million deaths. People were conditioned to wear mask and observe physical distancing.

Fast-forward to 2020. Medical scientists admit that they are still learning about COVID-19. There is a race on to produce vaccines; some countries have already claimed success in clinical trials, but these are only potential vaccines. Research shows that a proven vaccine will take over two years to develop an immune response. Vaccines are necessary, but they should not be rushed. The World Health Organization has a duty to collate and share information on those countries/laboratories that are pursuing vaccine development, stage of development, the number of test subjects for trial, and reactions from these test subjects. Everyone has a right to be fully informed about any substance that goes into their body.

This pandemic will pass, just like all of the others, and take its place in world history. The fact is, over 975,000 people have already died from it. Many conspiracy theories are abound on social media regarding the genesis of COVID-19. However, the responsible behaviour is to depend on reliable and credible news media as sources of information. Instead of listening or engaging in theories that will not get us anywhere, let us all observe the health protocols and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health & Wellness. Pretty soon, we will be socially conditioned to do it.


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